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Veracity in the reality shows


It has been a long time since the chapter of Reality show started with singing, dancing, acting and living, attracting of heaps attention, though it is not only common, also an uncommon tool to exert a pull. But the blind faiths cannot stop getting fascinated by the stupid illusionary fate, where everything is just self created or pre planned and all together a deliberate effort. Reality Wow! it is an alluring term to magnetize the crowd and make them waste there earnings, savings all to earn great returns on a casino game, where everything is in monetary terms and by honey(mooneey). Who pays more gets more and so on so forth.

I will state you a personal experience, my colleague went for the renowned Indian Idol I auditions. The procedure afixed -calling, filling up form etc was all denied and walk in started.Good for Indians… but then who was the judge? Of course, you dreamt of Anu malik, Farah khan and Sonu nigam but sadly, the judge was some other girl who was prearranged to create groups and select/reject out of her choice. In addition, then how did the presentation come out to the viewers of all that mad mix paid singers who were so weird to act, sing and entertain with emotions and melodrama? How one got the opportunity to meet the esteemed judges? Also if that was how come stupidity and sheer scenes were highlighted and allowed to waste the precious time of audience.

Huh! This is one such example out of the hundreds running and hundreds of such brainlessness is in them to destroy the future of our country. No reality programme is real, it is just a PR strategy to grab attention and increase the TRP. Its another way to deviate students and make them play tambola with there life. Keeping all ambitions aside they plan a painless way however once they enter , distinguishes the real- and reality in them an inside story. Shattering all dreams, they even have to sell themselves to become big hits.

I am here to revolutionarise this society set up, by questioning each wrong and putting up my right examples.

Are you there with me?

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