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Children of metropolitan slum area


The story of metros is not been hidden from anyone, here who has power is sky scraping and the others mud thrashing. The city is well defined as “politician in its disposition”.
It is the area where lacs of people come to have better living, high income and a good healthier life. Overall can make themselves associate with the globalize world and its development.It is a possibility for the rural or suburbs areas to en route them towards an improved existence.

Children as the sign of the future of any country are groom to perk up the system, but due to high rate of urbanization the system has been confront with many challenges, that is, coming up of chauls, slums, suburbs, where these migrated or economically down people make there survival. These people though living in metro suffer form the monetary harassment and craft there life as hell. Children up bring being a factor also makes them wander, for a better future of there presentand for this all that hard work is done. Now the question arises are they successful in there dreams? Do children get the quality education, morals, and examples? And if NO, then where do these little flowers land up?

The answer is 60% of children used on traffic signals as beggars by disabling them, dressing them in different forms of pain and misery, as pick pocketers, as railway bus singers, as prostitutes, as tamasha players.. and what not? The next batch of 30% becomes servant (child labour). And rest 10% as part time schooling and part time workers. This is there present state of children in n slum areas of metros. To earn there livelihood, each one has to work to meet its end. The condition is further brutal than stated. They are been camouflaged from there youth and the economy, the country as a whole is loosing the valuable asset for its edifice.

We all as social beings shout for ban on child labour, trafficking, but have we ever thought, then how these people will survive? How will they earn livings for mere needs of Roti kapda aur makkan?

If you really want to help then think for –
What are the ways we can bring them up? What strategy we as humans can formulate to help these downtrodden masses? And how we can influence our government to congregate them and lend a hand to each to anticipate and make themselves as great as our great leader.

Give your suggestions and I will keep on adding it as and when they come.
From both ends- mine and yours.. :)

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