Naina – Vision of the ultimate one

Accept the Truth…and reject the rest!

About me


Vision of the Ultimate!This is Naina. Naina in Hindi means Eye. True to my name, I aspire myself to be a Naina which has the Vision of the Ultimate!

Life is a fun-filled journey for me full of enthusiasm, positivity, energy and a never-say-die attitude. And the fun element comes from a sense of purpose – a mission, a dedication – towards the Ultimate. Fun comes from accepting Truth. Fun comes from rejecting the false. Fun comes from being on path of Yog.

Welcome to my blog where I shall share my mind-space as I strive to achieve perfection and justify the gift of life bestowed by the Ultimate one! I hope this would be equally enjoyable for you.

Pretaa Jayata Naraa (from Vedas) – March forward and be victorious!

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