Naina – Vision of the ultimate one

Accept the Truth…and reject the rest!

Journey towards the Ultimate


01732_cavernray_1280x960I am learning about life. I am learning about its purpose. The dual facet living is just impossible for me to carry on. I am purely the vedic beta of the ultimate. Truly ved. My resolve will get me everything which directs me to the path of Vedas. I have started practicing and implementing, still see some patterns  ruining me and that is- I have got no one to accompany me . Everyone is in his/ her mess. Everyone is just playing with life even after knowing the ultimate truth the pressures of world snatches them off. I have seen brilliants of mind doing the same. Ved we say it is our guide but interpret it in our own suitable way. What is missing is the belief that ultimate purity is achievable only through complete acceptance of all the rights and duties of VED.

Its been long in search of true vedic companion and I have decided to accept none other than Ved  which will drive me towards the ultimate happiness, the ultimate pleasure, the ultimate treasure of being with the ultimate. Being with his vision can only lead the whole world. I have no set plans for a complete revolution but know my true devotion will show all routes to achieve it. I just need your devotion Naina, which is there for sure but to become perfect you have to go into the depth of each practice, each aspect to refine it and then come up with the real vision of Ultimate.

I am glad to think and further act in the direction of ultimate. Its the blessing of ultimate to make me think in the perfect direction.

“I am sure,  mission of today will become vision of whole universe tomorrow.”