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It says 36-20-36…means the twenty – twenty game of CRICKET as mentioned by the famous journalist, editor, Barkha Dutta.

I was happy to here from a journalist that, these cheerleaders mixed up in games were just increasing the pervasive vulgarity, unlike Karan thapar who takes all this very casually as a sign of our culture.
But question arises that whatever they write, do they follow the same or say somewhat reflect in there acts? NDTVs editor- Barkha Dutt writes well about comparing naughty Britney Spears with chulbuli Rakhi Sawant as a symbol of tawdriness of western culture accepted by Indians. She highlights points to stop the overspreading vulgarity, earthiness, offensiveness and thereby makes us understand the roots of Indian culture and its value.

Thank you to highlight some other Breaking News Barkha ji, atleast in a better off way. But please make me understand one thing.. you as a media person, highlighting these people and its vulgarity. Being the Managing editor, what steps are you taking to stop this cleavage show? Before getting on to say the whole media and its displays, what is your initiative to stop the scurrilous ness in your own channels, the so-called NDTV.

I was glad to read and implement on your ground, but the dual character of the society reflects here dear. You are the medium and we mere users. You have the responsibility to form our opinion, our judgments by revealing TRUTH. Truth in all aspects.
Media has the power of written, visual, audio, sensation and feel. The five senses are all with you, in your own hands. When your own anchors display clothes of designers backless, cleavage revealing, and sexy short, when they highlight all glam fashion shows reflected in Showbiz, when you as media make these film stars as idols for the society. You are decaying the roots.
The child before growing starts thinking of Sex, money and fame, because of you.
Is it a fair game then?

Cheerleaders!! Who brought them? Who censored them to entertain? Shahrukh or Vijaya mallaya who himself spends time with swimsuiters, no Priety Zinta, who is again a sex top actor. This is western style of attraction, to get crowd. Unfortunately, in INDIA it is through….UNITY. May be that is the requirement of the west, because they do not have unity. The unity, which India has. We are not people who celebrate Mothers Day once in a year or be friends for a week. We are the people who have respect, love and care for every one in all times. That is why we manage well all religions under one head. We are the people who can die for self respect, Character, principles.
Do Westerners know what WE mean?

We are our power to include all.

They lack the cheers from the nation, but our grounds are always full to hearten our representer. Because, we are ONE.
We are not orthodox or narrow minded, but we have character to protect our mother, daughter or sister or wife.
Its hard to be human beings.. Request you to be one.

“Satellite television has made the world a global village” – How valid is this statement?


Satellite television is medium of visual globalization. It is revelation of the phrase that the world is round and small. The innovation of this technology has made it come true. Satellite television is not only a means of entertainment but getting the world, different castes, culture, creed, religion, power close to each other for a justified existence on this planet Earth.

This media includes a range of channels with variety of programmes, information, events, transformations, happenings, and a full update of the world as well as imbibing new skills and knowledge. The media is further sub-divided into the categories of children, youth centric, old aged, and adults, with a whole lot of combination it has become each homes surviving tool.

Now getting into the technical details, it’s utility in each home and the dangerous effects in this rapid growing environment. As we know, each scientific innovation comes with its advantages and disadvantages but still the world becomes too used to such mediums that endurance capacity without these seems impossible. Television is an audio-visual medium whereby one can hear and see the events telecasted. So, when it comes globally wide spread technology, it has extensively stretched its wings. The impact in downtrodden rural areas is visible, because it reads it out the information, makes you a part of it by visual methods and combines you to get into a different world space.

But coming to harms, television radiations are so powerful that it affects eyesight, people are misusing this medium and spreading violence, vulgarity, and wastage of time and money. It has become an industry in which everyone is utilizing the Right to freedom of Expression. One can do, create, and act all as per this outlook of freedom. And thus is taking an offensive turn in not only our country but the whole world, certain things which never demanded attention are now being ruthlessly talked about, discussed and even practiced. It is all in the name of entertainment and information. If we talk about programming and processing of television telecasts.. one will be shocked to know that television is the only media where censoring is not done and thus enjoys the freedom of vulgarity, corruption and what not??

90% of the homes across the world make this a habit and today is acting as supplement to advertising, promotion, education.

At present the new satellite education systems like Tata Sky and Dish TV with children playoffs, knowledge based games and many other exciting features.

So television has made the world a global village where everything is near and dear, but internal rivalries and outcomes cannot be outcasted.

Let science not impact humanity.

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