Naina – Vision of the ultimate one

Accept the Truth…and reject the rest!

Maintain the purity in you throughout your life.. – Simply unsurpassed


Someone asked me a question last night, that why was I imposing idealism? He said, You are enforcing to be principled and then at some point of time don’t you have fight to change from current state to the ideal one??

Firstly, whatever state you are in if not ideal or say perfect, then that is not your real state to be in, because each human being is worth it the perfect state; one has the capabilities, potential to achieve that level and has been gifted with all the material, which makes him/her the BEST.

Now, why I enforce myself to be ideal? If I am not currently ideal I have to be one then. Its my fundamental right to be Right. Moreover, even if I have been some blah blah way in my past, it doesn’t means that it has to be the same today. Adding together, after realizing what is right and what is wrong, how can one resist by not being Right. One should accept right and reject the false and that is what the ideal or principled life tells you all to do.
The mind is untrained in the beginning and one has to make it trained (the right) with his/ her effort and practice.

For example sake- Once at the age of 15, I demanded my brother to take me for a movie named Masti( a highly vulgar comedy film), but I was ignorant and never knew what is it about? Just was enthusiastic to go because my friend was too going for the same. So atlast I convinced him with crying and emotions for the movie.. Went up to the cinema hall and started seeing the first hand vulgarity…sitting next to brother, who had covered his face with cap and rest all for sleep. On realizing why he was reacting quite awkward and the scenes portrayed thereby made me think that where does this vulgarity, shoddiness, cheapness begin from and where is our society being driven to with this. But I was pure to realize and change my track that very moment, without clashing myself with ego and thinking that how I was different in thinking from other masses who were enjoying the movie (the house-full theater). This proves me of being pure and ignorant, too innocent… and that was my real identity. I am proud to be pure and ignorant as this purity would lead me to the ultimate goal and this innocence will make me achieve it within this life span.

Why one needs to be a part of waste, remember it is always enforced. Your real identity will never require any such enforcement or imposition. It is the real you which is all trained and worth being the best progeny of the ultimate. So let us strive hard for becoming the shining example not the frowning one.

Life is like a pearl, too pure in and out. It can get along with the threads of joy and happiness but once stretched with sorrow and bursts out in vain.

The greatest asset is within you.. Just need your little  insight. Trust me….

The Challenges of being consistent on the yogic path


A Yogis voice

The yogic path is pleasure some way, where there is only happiness, excitement, love, laughter, enjoyment and ultimates bliss..BUT the most threatening thing is to let yourself on the free- will i.e. to go on for a Marie-go-round ..Feel free to do what your will says.

So isn’t it too simple to adhere, too easy to adopt and comfortable to apply on. However, this all has to be on a continuous basis –consistent- without any deviations.
What more is your inner pure soul demanding from you? What more is god blessing you with? It is just your pleasurable state… That is it.

I am today suffering from a major headache, frustrating myself, crying hard, making others suffer because of me.. What is the benefit? What is the outcome? Is something worthwhile.. NO Nothing. But similarly if at this moment I be as usual, be carm, directed towards ultimate, realize my potentials( it is much above this headace) I can really enjoy a better way of living , than it is today.

On the other hand too I feel that when I am extra happy like wise was extra sad. What is my reaction? My blood increases 100 times more, I am excited, full of energy, power ,all the positivity captures me and get me into the world of pleasure say a Treasure island. Nothing seems to better than the best! Everything seems possible.
Then why there is so much of difference? In case of joy, I automatically get into Treasure Island and at time of sorrow, I am Bankrupt.

This is the difference in you and me and a yogic consistency..

A yogi is bound to be in peace and happiness all moments. It is her strive for perfection, when karmas lead her to sufferings and bliss. Nevertheless, all this cannot stop her to go ahead on the Moksha path- Anandit way- the ultimate goal of every life. The karmas can only support and construct to become consistent, showing that there is No other option left.Some similar challenges or say minor stones will obstruct but yogi must go ahead and make her mark.

Rise above what you are now and see the rising state of everything you touch.

The tears of Joy are waiting to envision the ultimate goal. Naina- Lets visualize it.

How thoughts construct you?


It’s a matter of chance that thoughts are given importance more than actions.Yes it is truthful to say that intensions were not wrong… But actions went out to be.
Intensions, thoughts, ideas are the very basis of any action we lead to. Thoughts gives the formation for the very existence, they construct you to the form what You are this moment. Thoughts are sometimes energy, sometimes vigor, sometimes force, sometimes compulsion, and sometimesin a twin fold. As, being the sheer drivers of the mind, body and soul.Thoughts are core for getting on to the peak, they are the base to construct a building, and they are the waves which direct the wind. All this just need a sense of direction. The Right direction, which is full of positivism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm and actual conviction in oneself.
The direction needs to be there as the intensions take the form of actions there after.

Thoughts of a vedic mind


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Mere Emotions!!!

Just heard a word today “Mental attachment” the word somehow created anxiousness in my mind, disturbance in myself that what emotions are all about? Why they form a core part of you? Why these emotions rule you? Why are we always conquered by these so called mental, physical, social emotions? And why living a life of slave, direct our actions??

So i decided before answering straight from my soul-the purest one in you and me, and before analyzing the wrong lets find the core functioning process of mind, body and soul.

Mind, Body, Soul are independent, they have a trained identity to live up to but some how our untrained mind is ruled by the vrittis. The deviation starts  from you, yourself and the vrittis then automatically starts taking shape of your nature, character, words and actions too. They make your identity structure in the ruled form of  a slave. Slave who is bound to think his ends to be near, all the activities gets equipped to the attitude of a captive mind. One looses the capacity to think beyond the imprisoned level. This vrittis make one dependent and leads to frustration, anger, emotions all together.
But WHY? Because it is not your Real identity…. It is just an acting..And for how long one can stay in the mode of pretend??
Yes your real identity is of a fighter, of a real hero, person with only positivity and nothing apart from it.

So this emotion is rubbish to even think about. Once you are on the path of the ultimate one ……………nothing can deviate you.
Because you are born to become a legend, to be his favorite son/ daughter.
To justify the existence.
And nothing else apart from that direction can make you achieve any goal in life.