Naina – Vision of the ultimate one

Accept the Truth…and reject the rest!

God is all supreme.


I learned a lot form my teacher, he guided me well all day and night, made my potentials come up and shine my way. But a doubt which always prevailed was does he follow the same idealism? Is he the same ideal principled one as he tells me to be? This question was the fuss of my life. Each time when something went wrong in his kathnii ( talks) and karni ( his actions). I would get annoyed and shout if a person and also being my guru himself is wrong then he doesn’t deserves to be one.. When someone expects me to be all perfect and right then how come he differs form his own stand???

Every human being is blessing of the ultimate and is alpagya(can make mistakes). This characteristic of human being hereby differentiates him from being god –the perfect one. Nevertheless, he too gives the opportunity to each individual to be perfect and climb the stairs of Mokhsha. So coming to why our guru commit mistakes.. Your answer lies here in front that, because as we all are the part of this vicious circle of committing mistakes, we are only bound to ristrict our vrittis and following the principle of accepting the truth and rejecting the rest which will make us all lead pleasantly. However, it does not mean a free ticket of being erroneous. But, understanding that each human can commit mistakes and therefore should not be idealized. It is we, who start believing that one is the supreme and can never do wrong. We give him that stand of being perfectionist. We make assumptions that one can only present knowledge after practice and can never be theoretical. .So get above assumptions. One can be good.. But not the supreme or the ultimate one. And now it become our responsibility as student to give due respect to the guru and elders in all circumstances, provided it is right.

The peak is always up in this regard….

My guru got 110 from his guru, I got 130 from my guru (20 is learning experience and implementation), when I teach someone 130+30….because implementation matter a lot dear and goes on. So on and so forth…

It is not only said but experienced that learning is more when one shares and after this share who acquires, its an add on……………… so share! and gurus too try being wonderful . As when you want your students to be perfect, the students too demand for the same… you were earlier learners but now teachers.. so the responsibility has increased. Sir.

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